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Most events are open to the public, but some fees might apply.

Action Pistol: Make it a regular event in your life and improve your self-defense skills at the Action Pistol events, usually on a Friday evening or Saturday morning. Action Pistol is a shooting sport, based on real life defensive pistol techniques using practice equipment & live ammunition. Here you will learn how to think about and solve real self-defense scenarios in a safe & supportive environment. Suitable for all levels the event is perfect for women or beginners looking to become more self-empowered. For the experienced it offers a fun & challenging way to improve your skills with timed challenges & a bit of friendly scoring.

Trap Range: Trap is scheduled every Sunday at 1pm. This group is for anyone who wants to improve their shotgun & bird hunting skills. This is a fun & friendly way to spend a Sunday afternoon with other members of your community!

AR-15 Basic Introduction: – If you own an AR and havenโ€™t used it much, this is your chance! The class will consist of classroom and range time. You will learn about the history, gun parts & functions, field stripping & cleaning. Then you will get to practice sighting in, firing from multiple positions, multiple targets as well as clearing malfunctions.

Women on Target: – The Club runs this event annually and it is always a hit! This informative, but enjoyable & empowering activity focusing on the use of handguns. Learn everything you need to know as a beginner and all about safety. The activity also includes a lot of range practice time, and all firearms and ammunition are provided. Sign up early as it fills up quickly!

Concealed Carry Course: – This is a great class for anyone who wants to understand more deeply the rules and safety as well as becoming more empowered in a potential self-defense situation. This class meets the State of Alaska requirements for obtaining a concealed carry permit.

Hunter Safety Education: – Offered in conjunction with the Alaska Dept. of Fish & Game every Spring. Follow our calendar, and or Facebook page to be reminded of when the next class begins. The class has been designed to improve your safety and success when hunting. There is an online portion which can be completed any time, followed by a Hunter Ed field day. This year the club offered rifle & bow hunter education. Even though itโ€™s too late for the field day this year, you can take the online portion now. This is suitable education for kids too!

Labor Day Special: – This is a fun & friendly community day at the club and a great way to have some fun as well a chance to catch up with others! There will be multiple gun raffles, organized shooting contests, kid activities, food & lots of fun! Mark your calendars and keep an eye on the website for more information. Prefer to practice alone? โ€ฆ Your family can become a member of POW Shooting Club for only $100 for the whole year. That gives you the keys so that you can go to practice whenever you like, at any of the well set up ranges for handguns, rifles and shot guns. Go alone, or bring a friend or the whole family to practice your skills. Make sure that when you go hunting, you are ready to put meat on the table!

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