Welcome to the Prince of Wales Shooting Club!

Here on Prince of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska (or as the locals call it POW) we donโ€™t have the usual entertainments that they have in cities like shopping malls, movie theaters & fun parks. Instead, we have something even better, we have no shopping malls, we live in a real life nature documentary, and we get the whole wilderness as our fun park. Life is a little different here, and it’s great! Welcome to the Prince of Wales Shooting Club!

Our shooting range began with a small group of motivated volunteers in 2013, and today it’s a fully functional pistol, rifle and Trap range with a heated/lighted 20 seat classroom! We’re located in a beautiful spot within the Tongass National Forest, and as a member or guest visiting with a member you can spend the day with wide open spaces and sweeping views to improve your hunting and self-defense skills in a safe environment.

Our club offers a variety of events, from regular weekly sessions to community events and occasional special courses, and there is something for everyone. Even if you aren’t an experienced firearm user, being with others on range is a great way to begin learning how to enjoy becoming an experience marksmen, or just have fun with those in the community that love shooting on the range!

All events or classes approved by the board are run & monitored by volunteers who are qualified Range Safety Officers (RSOs), and are suitable for beginners on up to the highly skilled.

Prince of Wales Shooting Club is a great resource for our community, providing support, education & safety.

To view the upcoming events, and learn more about them please view our online calendar, and or follow us on Facebook.

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